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What was more breath taking than the fashion in the hot new movie 'The Devil Wears Prada'? Well, Anne Hathaway's fabulous eyes, brought to the forefront of her face through the use of false eyelashes. False eyelashes are not just for Hollywood starlets anymore... Have another company function or wedding to go to and want a new, stunning look? Looking for an instant eye makeover? False eyelashes are available in every imaginable size, style, and quality. Whether you are looking for a dramatic or a subtle look, it has never been easier to find the right eyelashes.

One popular brand of false eyelashes is Andrea lashes. Most false eyelashes are made of a 100% human hair while some are made of synthetic hair-like fiber. Andrea Lashes come in short and long varieties and they are gently curled for a subtle, classic look. A pair of lashes costs about $2.95 at Walmart or Rite Aid, a good value compared with other lashes on the market. Andrea also carry individual lashes, called Perma-lash. Permalash can last up to 4 weeks with little maintenance and are available in Flare styles, short and medium, in black or brown. For a totally natural look, try Permalash Naturals which come in knot-free clusters, delicately curled, waterproof, and are available in short or medium black.

Andrea Modlash are the choice eyelashes for many makeup artists and models. Modlash strip lashes are available in 12 styles of black or brown. Madame Madeline ( has the entire hard to find selection of Andrea lashes and many other styles of lashes at very reasonable price.

For those unfortunates who lose their hair due to health complications or , often lose their eyelashes as well. People who undergo this trauma are usually looking for the most natural looking false eyelashes on the market, since most are using false eyelashes due to their circumstances and not by choice. Andrea Modlash are a good choice not only for those who suffer eyelash loss, but also for anyone who wants false eyelashes to accentuate their feature. Modlash #21 and #53 are the best selling variety with short overall length and medium density. These lashes are light and natural. For fuller, curled styles, Modlash #23 and #28 are your best bet. Style #33 which produce volume without extra length. This style has thick lash length for those looking to add extra volume.

Why bother paying $20 at Shu Uemura or MAC for a pair of lashes. They are all disposable! You can wear them for about four to six days if you know how to treat them properly. Without proper care, they are down the drain in just one day.

If you are looking for quick and easy do-it-yourself false eyelashes then Andrea Lashes has the perfect range to choose from. From a variety of lengths and shapes to choose from, you can be as bold or natural looking as you choose.

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