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Get the Andrea look with Andrea Modlash lashes.

Marilyn Monroe look:
Andrea Modlash #53

Peach blush -Along the cheekbones
Red lip liner and lipstick
Eyebrow pencil - To define the brows. Now, sweep a
Brow powder taupe - To define crease only.
Black or Medium brown pencil liner - Just a thin line to
Andrea Permalash Flare lashes - Add volume to outer corners of eyes.
Champagne shade eye shadow - To define the eye lid area

Jessica Alba look: Andrea Modlash #53
Andrea Modlash #53 Applying fake lashes is best left to your makeup artist, but with a little patience and practice, you too can master this art. So don’t try it five minutes before leaving to a big party. Andrea lashes are great and they are available inexpensively at the drugstore.

Keep a piece of paper handy to hold the lashes, and a magnifying mirror, which makes the job a lot easier.
Using a tweezer, dip the base end of the lashes into the glue, then place the lashes as close to the baseline of your own as you can, filling in wherever you want the greatest impact (generally, the mid to outer lashes look fabulous in false lashes). Press gently, but firmly with something blunt. Hold the lash in place for about 5 seconds until the glue has a chance to hold.

Let the glue dry, and then apply a dark eyeliner to camouflage the line of the fake lashes and then apply your mascara. The mascara will help blend your own lashes with the fake ones, and make your eyes look fuller and larger.

To remove, gently pull them off with tweezers.




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