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Ardell lashes are perfect to accentuate the look of your eyes. With Ardell lashes, you now can have instaneous gorgeous lashes beyond what mascara can offer and without the nasty clumps from mascara


Ardell lashes for day wear. Perfect for everyday use. Fashion lashes picture #101 Demi

Fashion Lashes, our most popular lashes, are the convenient way to have the long, luscious lashes your beautiful eyes deserve. They're lightweight and come in a reusable box. With 30 different styles (in black or brown), Fashion Lashes are sure to have the style just right for you. Made of 100% human hair, Fashion Lashes feel and look natural. Lower lid lashes are also available.

Fashion Lashes Starter Kit is ideal for first-time lash users. The Starter Kit contains everthing needed to apply false lashes in 3 easy steps.

DuraLash individual lashes are the closest thing to natural lashes ever developed. These exclusive knot-free individual lashes are permanently curled, waterproof, easy to apply, and comfortable to wear. They're so natural you forget they're not your own, and they can be worn for up to 6 weeks at a time. One DuraLash package contains 56 lashes and are available in Flare (knotted), Naturals (knot free), and Regular (single), styles and come in black or brown and short, medium and long-lengths.

Ardell Professional Intro and Professional Salon Lash Kit contains cosmetic case, comprehensive instructions, and all the tools you need for provide beautiful lashes for your clients. Intro Kits comes with 43 pcs. Professional Kit comes with 84 pcs.

InvisiBands have an invisible band that connects the hair strands to form a strip. They are knotted and feathered by hand for perfect uniformity and an absolutely natural look.

LashLites use long, fine hair strands that adhere easily to the lid. These long, airy lashes are light and comfortable. lashlites are designed for a great fit with little or no trimming, just like all Ardell lashes.

Ardell lashes for evening wear. Try Elegant or Ultra Lashes.

ELEGANT EYES Lashes are jeweled faux eyelashes. These lashes are Ardell's NEW line of lashes. Elegant Eyes faux lashes are just what you need to create glamorous looking lashes with a hint of glitter. Fun, natural looking styles with the added sparkle of elegance. All are guaranteed to attract attention.

Wild Lashes can help you express your individuality. These lashes are available in 6 different styles 3 with subtle color and 3 with bold metallic colors. Adhesive is included.

Ultra Lashes are a high quality eyelash stylesd and handcrafted using European hair with the professional make up artist in mind. Each pack comes with a tube of lash adhesive, an easy-to-use applicator and a pair of lower lashes for added drama, you'll have everything you need to be runway ready!

Accent Lashes are enhance your look by adding shorter baby length hair to the outer lash line. They are shorter than a typical strip lash and are to be used on the outer corners of the eyes for an Audrey Hepburn look.  The shorter length is perfect for a natural look and fool-proof application.  Accents can be worn for every occasion from formals to just a night out creating natural looking lashes with a touch of glamour & sophistication.!

Fright Night Lashes comes with popular Ardell Fashion Lash styles specially packaged for Halloween.

Ardell Lash Accessories:

Ardell has a full line of lash accessories to help you achieve the results you're looking for: Applicators, adhesives, combs, removers, curlers and more will improve any lash application process.

LashTite Adhesive is designed for use with DuraLash individual lashes. This adhesive is waterproof and ensures that Duralashes remain securely and comfortably attached, day after day for up to 6 weeks. LashTite is available in clear and dark.

DUO Lash Adhesive the world's best selling lash adhesive, is available in dark, lear and surgical grade.

Waterproof LashGrip is for use with Fashion Lashes, InvisiBands and LashLites. This formula dries quickly to be virtually invisible, is waterproof and holds strip lashes securely in place. Available in clear and dark.

LashFree Eyelash Adhesive Solvent is specially formulated to dissolve LashTite adhesive.

Lash Applicator makes lash application easy. By holding the lashes in proper alignment, the lash applicator helps users accurately apply lashes.

Lash Comb seperates eyelashes, removes excess mascara and accentuates the lash length

Ardell lashes for evening wear. Try Elegant or Ultra Lashes.

Not sure which style of Ardell Lashes to choice from?

 Ardell lashes for evening wear. Try Elegant or Ultra Lashes.

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