False Eyelashes (Falsies)

Falsies: An artificial addition to a bodily part worn to enhance appearance; specifically, false eyelashes (fake eyelashes) used to adorn, enhance, and lengthen the look of ones natural eyelashes.—usually used in plural.

Popular Falsies Brands:

Andrea Lashes

DUO Lashes

Elise Lashes

Everlash Lashes

Gypsy Lashes

Japonesque Lashes

Lash beLong Lashes

Revlon Lashes

Sherani Lashes

No more messing with messy mascaras. Getting an easy boost to your thinning fringe is as easy as 1 2 3. Falsies lashes has gone a long way and now comes in styles for any occasion creating subtle to glam look in just minutes.

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